Of our entire South American adventure, choosing to visit Colombia last is probably my biggest regret. Logistically and financially it was the best option for us and at first we were glad we saved it until the end after almost everyone we met on the road said it was the best country they’ve ever visited….Continue Reading “Minca, Colombia: An Unlikely Favourite”

The A-Z of Travel

When it comes to blogging it might shock you to hear that I’m actually surprisingly organised. Granted it can be hard to find the time to actually blog when the Wi-Fi is working against you (or just not at all) and you’re having to share a laptop with a partner who is also juggling a…Continue Reading “The A-Z of Travel”

Cartagena: Colombia’s Most Photogenic Town?

Ah Cartagena. There was heat (so much heat), there was sunburn (so much sunburn), there were gringos (so many gringos) and there was a stolen phone, and yet somehow you became one of our favourite places in all of Colombia. All of South America even! You’re so photogenic and yet still no picture can do…Continue Reading “Cartagena: Colombia’s Most Photogenic Town?”

South America in Numbers

{Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia} {Machu Picchu, Peru} {Montanita, Ecuador} {Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia} I can’t believe our South American adventure is over – we fly back to the UK from Bogota this evening! It’s hard to be too sad because both of us are really looking forward to seeing our families, having proper hot showers…Continue Reading “South America in Numbers”