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Take 5: Greece

After spending a week in Athens back in November it’s safe to say I fell a little bit in love with Greece and knew that I couldn’t wait to return and explore more. Pretty...

Where to Visit in Autumn 0

Where to Visit in Autumn

Okay okay so we’ve only just reached the halfway point of September, but this white girl on Tumblr cliche has been pinning hearty stews, burning cinnamon spiced candles and rocking the tights and chunky...

Take 5: Portugal 0

Take 5: Portugal

I’ve mentioned before that Portugal has never really been a country on my radar, but since our visit to Lisbon in July I’ve been eager to go back and see more of what it...

Places I Don’t Want to Visit 0

Places I Don’t Want to Visit

I’m forever posting about all the places I still want to visit. I even have a whole blog label dedicated to my bucket lists! What I never talk about though, is the places I...

10 Honeymoon Destinations 0

10 Honeymoon Destinations

Did you see the news? We got engaged! Okay so we’ve been engaged for four months now, but it’s still very exciting. We haven’t set a date for the big day yet, we haven’t...

Take 5: Poland 0

Take 5: Poland

I’ve mentioned before that, for someone who is a self-confessed Eastern Europe-ophile (shut up, this is a thing and we’re going with it) it’s really embarrassing to admit that I’ve never been to Poland....

4 Train Journeys on My Bucket List 0

4 Train Journeys on My Bucket List

While it comes as no surprise that I like to travel, it probably does come as a bit of a surprise that I hate flying. Like, really detest it. Not only because I’m absolutely terrified of it...

5 National Parks On My Bucket List 0

5 National Parks On My Bucket List

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentina Cotopaxi, Ecuador Banff, Canada Zion, USA Namib-Naukluft, Namibia *all images linked to source

5 Lakes on my Bucket List 0

5 Lakes on my Bucket List

Lake Louise // Canada  Lake Baikal // Russia Lake Ohrid // Macedonia Lake Windermere // UK Lake Titicaca // Peru All photos link back to original source