Things I Want to Do in 2020

Posted on 12th January 2020

I really lost myself in 2019. It was a weird year because on the one hand I had my first baby and it was such an exciting time, but on the other hand it was full of sorrow, stress and anxiety when his birth quickly became a medical emergency, he almost died and then spent ten weeks in hospital with numerous health problems. It was a rewarding year in a lot of ways, but very tough. The summer months feelRead More

Making New Mum Life Easier with Fantastic Services

Posted on 28th November 2019

  This post includes gifted items and affiliate links. For the last year or so life has been pretty hectic for Tom and I. We got married in September 2018, moved into a new house in April and then our baby Ted was born in May. I had grand plans for making the house more homely in the two months’ maternity I had before my due date, but obviously Ted had other ideas and home improvements have fallen by theRead More

My premature birth story for World Prematurity Day. Ted was born at 36 weeks and spent more than two months in NICU with hyperinsulinism and a large VSD.

Welcome to the World, Ted – My Birth Story for World Prematurity Day

Posted on 17th November 2019

It’s been a long time since I turned my laptop on, let alone sat down to write something. But for once I have a good reason. It’s been hard to find the time to do anything for me since my chaotic dive into motherhood when Theodore (Ted) arrived, unexpectedly and very dramatically at the end of May. Ted spent the first ten weeks of his life on the neonatal ward with life-threatening complications. We almost lost him several times during thatRead More

6 Things I’ve Hated About Being Pregnant

Posted on 26th April 2019

I’m not sure how it simultaneously feels like I’ve been pregnant for seven years and OH MY GOD I’M SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT ALREADY but here we are. We might be in the middle of moving house (worst timing I know), we might not have bought a single thing we need yet and I might be majorly stressed and freaking out, but I am ready for this boy to be born. One thing I’ve really hated during this pregnancy (and trustRead More

Scottish wedding on the beach at Harvest Moon Edinburgh

Our Alternative Dream Wedding at Harvest Moon Holidays, Dunbar

Posted on 10th February 2019

Things are about to get very picture heavy, you have been warned… As I’m writing this it’s coming up for five months since our wedding and I honestly can’t believe how fast the time has gone, or how much things have changed since then. That time over again we’ll be parents to our baby boy! I’ve been putting off writing this post because I’m scared I won’t do the weekend justice, but our photographer, Emma did such a wonderful jobRead More

Two Become Three + My Struggle with Ethical Living in Pregnancy

Posted on 2nd February 2019

If you follow me on Twitter or speak to me in real life you’ll know that I haven’t shut up about it since I had my first scan in December, but I’ve barely shared my pregnancy news elsewhere yet. But since I’m now at the 20 week point (halfway through!) and my June due date looms ever closer, I thought it was probably time that I did. I feel overwhelmingly lucky to be pregnant and to have fallen pregnant asRead More

24 Hours in Manchester

How to Spend 24 Hours in Manchester

Posted on 14th January 2019

Post in collaboration with* I feel like Manchester is becoming more and more popular as a UK city break destination and I couldn’t be happier that this amazing city is starting to get the attention it deserves. Offering far more than the football, Oasis and grim weather it’s often famous for, the city can easily rival the likes of London and Birmingham. There are an abundance of hotels in Manchester to choose from scattered around the compact city centreRead More

Life Updates – Mental Illness, Wedding Chat & Upcoming Travel

Posted on 11th August 2018

It’s been…a while. The last time I posted, at the beginning of March, the country had ground to a halt while we were in the grips of The Beast from the East. Now, in August (?!) we’re in the middle of the hottest summer I can remember, and it’s hard to believe that we ever had to rely on jumpers and coats to keep us warm. It seemed a bit weird to just launch back into blogging after such aRead More

Cotopaxi Ecuador.

7 Reasons Why Ecuador is My Favourite Country

Posted on 4th March 2018

It’s no secret that Ecuador is my favourite country. Colombia is often lauded as the hidden gem of South America, but it’s Ecuador that slips under the radar for most travellers. It probably would have slipped under mine too had it not been for Tom. He had visited before in 2006 but wanted to go back, and so we went. Many people we met on our travels skipped it completely, which is a huge shame. Most people associate the countryRead More

Not everyone can go vegan but you can eat more ethically. Here are seven ways to eat more mindfully and reduce your carbon footprint with minimal effort.

7 Easy Ways to Eat More Ethically If You Can’t Go Vegan

Posted on 7th February 2018

I try not to judge people who can’t – or even don’t want to – go vegan. For one, other people’s food choices are absolutely none of my business but also because my lifestyle choices aren’t always the most ethically sound either. I’m less discerning with my alcohol choices than a vegan probably should be, I buy vegan products from shitty companies like Unilever (looking at you, Marmite) and I take medication containing milk-based ingredients. I could do better andRead More


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