7 Reasons Why Ecuador is My Favourite Country

It’s no secret that Ecuador is my favourite country. Colombia is often lauded as the hidden gem of South America, but it’s Ecuador that slips under the radar for most travellers. It probably would have slipped under mine too had it not been for Tom. He had visited before in 2006 but wanted to go…Continue Reading “7 Reasons Why Ecuador is My Favourite Country”

7 Easy Ways to Eat More Ethically If You Can’t Go Vegan

I try not to judge people who can’t – or even don’t want to – go vegan. For one, other people’s food choices are absolutely none of my business but also because my lifestyle choices aren’t always the most ethically sound either. I’m less discerning with my alcohol choices than a vegan probably should be,…Continue Reading “7 Easy Ways to Eat More Ethically If You Can’t Go Vegan”

Overall, Ljubljana wasn't for me but I loved the city's alternative Metelkova district with its cool street art and installations. I think it's a must for your Ljubljana itinerary even if you only have one day in the city. A real highlight of Slovenia!

You might remember a few months ago I wrote a post about why Ljubljana disappointed me. It was a city that I just didn’t seem to gel with, but I absolutely fell in love with the city’s Metelkova district. It’s a must for your Ljubljana itinerary, and here’s why! Read more: The Trick That Saved…Continue Reading “Metelkova – A Must for your Ljubljana Itinerary”

I spent the Christmas break in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland. With delicious vegan food, great coffee and pastel-perfect architecture it was the ideal city for a short weekend break.

Wroclaw was one of those breaks that happened almost by accident. Although I’ve always wanted to visit Poland and had heard great things about the city I’d never really considered booking a trip there.  Enter the Ryanair sale and £20 flights from Newcastle and we found ourselves booking a short break over New Year. Since…Continue Reading “Postcards from Poland – How I Accidentally Fell in Love With Wroclaw”

Ah, January. There are but a few lonely Bounties lurking at the bottom of the Celebrations tub, the world looks decidedly more dreary and if you’re anything like me you feel like you’ve been in a constant state of hangover since mid-December. That can only mean one thing – New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve long given…Continue Reading “5 Small Lifestyle Changes to Make in 2018 That Will Make a Big Difference to the Planet”

Ljubljana is really having a moment right now. It may be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe but I didn't fall in love with this Instagram favourite! Here's how I spent one day in the Slovenian capital.

Ljubljana is really having a moment right now, isn’t it? You can’t move for blog posts raving about it, it’s all over Pinterest and Instagram, and everyone I spoke to assured me I’d love it. So you’ll probably understand my hesitance to confess that actually, I didn’t. It’s a bit of a strange one because…Continue Reading “Ljubljana, Slovenia – Why You Can’t Fall in Love with Every City”

  It’s no secret that I love Manchester. I’ve been living here now for almost three years, but I’ve only been in the city centre since I came back from travelling last August. For so long I felt like I didn’t really have anywhere to call home because there wasn’t any place I really connected…Continue Reading “6 Reasons Why Ancoats is Manchester’s New Northern Quarter”